information theory

Profitability and Information

In the previous post (Optimal Market Exposure), we saw how trading requires information superior to the “outside world’s belief”, in order to be profitable. The trader may obtain this information by analyzing market fundamentals or technicals, or both. It is actually obvious that better information facilitates better trading, and more profits, but here we will […]

Information Theory Plots

When considering a matter in the light of both probability- and information theory, it sometimes becomes tiresome to switch between the two perspectives. Here is a little assistant for the mental juggling. (PDF)

The Information Argument

You may want to read these posts before continuing: Ineffability of Qualia What is Sentience? The Dualist’s Predicament Refuting Physicalism Subjectively   Imagine a universe with two similar rooms, called room0 and room1. In room0 there is a closed note with ‘0’ written on it, and in room1 there is a closed note with ‘1’ […]

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