Logarithmic Wealth Utility

The previous post (Utility Function of Wealth) discussed and described the typical general shape of the utility function of wealth, and touched on some applications. Here, we will consider a special case, with an exact curve. Consider a rational trader – a trader that is emotionally detached from his account, and whose objective is to […]

Utility Function of Wealth

It is often assumed that wealth has linear utility. For example, it is taken for granted that $2 is worth exactly double of $1. In most real-world scenarios, where the amount of wealth available is finite, this is not exactly true. Imagine, for example, three travellers in identical situations, except Traveller A has $2000 Traveller […]

Information Theory Plots

When considering a matter in the light of both probability- and information theory, it sometimes becomes tiresome to switch between the two perspectives. Here is a little assistant for the mental juggling. (PDF)

The Information Argument

You may want to read these posts before continuing: Ineffability of Qualia What is Sentience? The Dualist’s Predicament Refuting Physicalism Subjectively   Imagine a universe with two similar rooms, called room0 and room1. In room0 there is a closed note with ‘0’ written on it, and in room1 there is a closed note with ‘1’ […]

Refuting Physicalism Subjectively

(The content that used to be on this page has been simplified. The original argument is linked at the end of the page.) You may want to read these posts before continuing: Ineffability of Qualia What is Sentience? The Dualist’s Predicament   In the universe, there is a red room and a blue room. You […]

The Dualist’s Predicament

In philosophy of the mind, there are two major camps: The physicalists, who claim that everything is physical, and therefore mind is nothing more than physical brain: an extremely sophisticated biological computer. The dualists, who believe that mind consists of a physical brain, as well as a non-physical aspect, such as a soul, for example. […]

What is Sentience?

In the previous post (Ineffability of Qualia) we saw that the meaning of a color cannot be expressed objectively, because it is inherently subjective. The same goes for sentience. What is it like to see orange? What is it like to be sentient? Let’s try some definitions: Orange is the color of oranges. Orange is […]

Ineffability of Qualia

This post is the first part in short series on philosophy of the mind. At the end of each part, there is a link to the next. Suppose you and I experienced red and blue differently: You: red blue Me:  red blue We would never be able to prove this, or even realize it. It […]

Funny Tax Laws

Humour is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of accountants and lawyers, but somehow, a joke has slipped into the South African Tax Code. It concerns depreciating assets, but before you can depreciate… ahem… appreciate the joke, you need a little accounting background. In the world of accounting, assets depreciate […]

6DoF Visual Positioning

It is possible to position and orientate an object relative to a camera, given only three of its points (e.g. LEDs) in image-space. In fact, this is the minimal visual positioning system. It infers depth from the object’s size, rather than using a stereo camera system. It also infers the object’s 3-DOF orientation (with a […]

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