Software Development

CircularArrayList for Java

Java applications sometimes need a “sliding window” view on a stream/sequence of data. This can be provided by a List with fast element insertion and removal at opposite ends (like a queue) fast access to random elements in the list (like an array) Unfortunately, no existing implementation of the List interface in the Java Collections […]

Serial Port ARQ App

Here is a small command-line tool for transporting small files (up to 1MB) over an unreliable serial link. Internally, it uses a flexible automatic repeat request (ARQ) protocol to maximize efficiency while guaranteeing reliable transfer over a serial link of unspecified reliability and latency. (It was originally used to transfer pictures between military radios.) The […]

Some AVR Libraries

Here are a few commonly useful source code libraries intended to serve as hardware abstracting modules or general purpose modules for AVR microcontroller applications compiled with GCC. They are not guaranteed to be fit for any particular purpose, but I have used them over the years on a number of projects on ATmega32, ATmega64 and […]

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